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  • bloweyelashwish album cover 1993 Projekt scott cortez
    Loveliescrushing // Bloweyelashwish

    Deep in the American southwest and far from the Seattle alt-rock gold rush, Scott Cortez creates a uniquely wordless, gothic reinterpretation of My Bloody Valentine’s otherworldly sound, coupled with an irritating penchant for Cocteau Twins’ nonsensical song titles

  • tone bender ep cover
    Lilys // Tone Bender

    The lo-fi, rough-and-tumble atmosphere throughout the EP make it a pretty compelling listen.

  • cosmicdust snow noise assemblage album cover
    Cosmicdust // Snow Noise Assemblage

    “Bird Cries” originally made the rounds on file-sharing networks as “unreleased MBV demo”

  • stella luna stargazer cover
    Stella Luna // Stargazer

    Overall, a somewhat unmemorable record. The gloom gets tedious, even on a 4-track EP.

  • amusement parks on fire cover
    Amusement Parks on Fire // Amusement Parks on Fire

    Mostly standard issue post-rock with My Bloody Valentine-style blasts of floating feedback and delay processed through Dirty-era Sonic Youth effects pedals.

  • robot world cover
    Bailter Space // Robot World

    While the album does lapse into repetition at times, it comes off more as a dedication to a singular creative vision rather than laziness

  • teenage filmstars cover
    Teenage Filmstars // Star

    TF mixes reversed vocals (female and wispy, as per), swirling guitar loops and vaguely Eastern rhythms into their psych-shoegaze stew.

  • happy songs for happy zombies cover
    Pinkshinyultrablast // Happy Songs for Happy Zombies (EP)

    Candied melodies and gorgeous guitar tones coated with feedback make for a thoroughly entertaining 14 minutes.

  • she's the queen ep cover
    Starflyer 59 // She's the Queen

    On their full albums, the melodies seemed stifled by their unimaginative use of effects pedals; on this EP, they’ve allowed themselves more breathing room to explore.

  • december sound silver album
    The December Sound // Silver Album