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  • Alvvays Antisocialites cover art
    Alvvays // Antisocialites

    Twee and power pop generally dominate, but the soaring guitars and emotional heft of the lyrics give the album a feeling of lush drama as well

  • yeah yeah yeahs is is ep cover on fuzzcrush.xyz
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs // Is Is (EP)

    As '10x10' finishes off the 18-minute EP with the percussive throb of Killing Joke, I have to say, I’m feeling pretty chuffed about the upcoming record

  • danse macabre album cover
    The Faint // Danse Macabre

    Blithely dismissed as amateurish dance-punk by some, The Faint nonetheless carved out a distinctive niche for themselves with a brand of paranoid, dystopian synth pop from their home base of sleepy Omaha, NE.

  • the kills - keep on your mean side album cover
    The Kills // Keep on Your Mean Side

    Outlaw rock 'n roll split evenly between lo-fi guitar crunch and lonesome bandit blues

  • dirty beaches - badlands cover - fuzzcrush review
    Dirty Beaches // Badlands

    Badlands exhumes the exquisite corpse of an America that never truly existed. Think Route 66, neon-lit roadside diners and American Bandstand. The sound is immediate, and the atmosphere unmistakeable.

  • horrors - primary colors cover
    The Horrors // Primary Colours

  • Pity Sex Feast of Love cover on fuzzcrush.xyz
    Pity Sex // Feast of Love