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  • Permission to Land album cover
    The Darkness // Permission to Land

    There's an unpretentiously honest feel-good factor here that separates them from contemporaries like Jet

  • placebo album cover
    Placebo // Placebo

    If you are over 25 and still enjoy this record, you should be aware that your fondness for it most likely stems from how it speaks to the bitter post-adolescent angst you’ve never managed to fully let go of

  • xtrmntr cover
    Primal Scream // XTRMNTR

    XTRMNTR hits you like a ballistic missile, razing all before it with nearly an hour of cacophonous, danceable and political techno-punk.

  • ride - nowhere lp cover
    Ride // Nowhere

    If anything, 'Vapour Trail' pioneered the guitar/strings/keyboards combination used to terrible effect in a thousand sappy alt-rock ballads that would infest the '90s.

  • muse origin of symmetry album cover
    Muse // Origin of Symmetry

    An electro-grunge rock opera that's bombastic, pretentious, depressing and uplifting all at once.