september girls

September Girls

Wanting More [EP]


1 Wanting More
2 Hells Bells
3 Man Chats

Matinee 085


The Ronettes gone-noise pop sound is pretty well covered these days with Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls, Frankie Rose and the Outs and now, September Girls. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland rather than America, the September Girls share something of a geographic sonic lineage with My Bloody Valentine, but really more an actual sonic relation with UK-based twee/noise pop collective The Manhattan Love Suicides.

An all-female group, their sound mixes cooing, ’60s girl group vocals and a thick haze of lo-fi fuzz from their probably vintage Marshall stacks. Lead track “Wanting More” is an ode to the Shangri-Las-do-Psychocandy noise pop of The Raveonettes, a bouncy-yet-downcast paen to summers gone by.  “Hells Bells” works in plenty of indie/twee pop from Belle and Sebastian but also other influences similar to ‘60s inspired twee like Camera Obscura and Broadcast. “Man Chats” is a great instrumental, all thunderously muffled drums, loud chiming surf guitars and flourishes of Farfisa organs.

The EP has a lot of variety, and noise-wise is a fair bit more adventurous compared to what female-fronted noise pop offers up these days. Recommended: “Wanting More” is especially good.

February 21, 2020