» Noise Pop

  • boo radleys ichabod and i cover
    Boo Radleys // Ichabod & I

  • skywave took the sun album art
    Skywave // Took the Sun (1998)

    Every once in a while, they stumble upon a perfect combination of cooing background vocals, rumbling ‘50s school dance bass lines and frenetic punk riffs.

  • asobi seksu album cover
    Asobi Seksu // Asobi Seksu

    Barring acoustic clunkers like “Before we Fall” and “End at the Beginning”, it’s a fun record to listen to.

  • september girls
    September Girls // Wanting More [EP]

    Lead track “Wanting More” is an ode to the Shangri-Las-do-Psychocandy noise pop of The Raveonettes

  • del black aloha cover
    The Vandelles // Del Black Aloha

    Dystopian psychobilly fuzz that lifts the majority of its ideas from the Raveonettes' Whip it On EP.

  • hartfield - true color true lie cover
    Hartfield // True Color, True Lie

    Unpretentious in its pursuit of sunny guitar harmonies.

  • mbv geek cover image
    My Bloody Valentine // Geek!

    Messy, amateurish tripe from a band that would get a lot better very quickly

  • ringo deathstarr sparkler
    Ringo Deathstarr // Sparkler

    A supremely catchy, free-wheeling glimpse of Ringo’s early sound, and a compelling mini-album to accompany Colour Trip.

  • barbed wire kisses
    The Jesus & Mary Chain // Barbed Wire Kisses

    The wiry riffs and noisy effervescence of Psychocandy are back, but accompanied by a fair amount of studio filler.

  • psychocandy
    The Jesus & Mary Chain // Psychocandy

    A classic for a million reasons, but mostly because its influence cuts across everything from dream pop, alternative rock and shoegaze