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  • swans - filth album cover on fuzzcrush.xyz
    Swans // Filth

  • atomizer lp cover
    Big Black // Atomizer

    There’s plenty to like on Atomizer if you’re interested in exploring the annals of ’80s industrial, post-hardcore, and noise rock

  • xtrmntr cover
    Primal Scream // XTRMNTR

    XTRMNTR hits you like a ballistic missile, razing all before it with nearly an hour of cacophonous, danceable and political techno-punk.

  • suicide album cover
    Suicide // Suicide

    Suicide pioneered the sound and attitude that would influence numerous indie sacred cows, including the Jesus & Mary Chain, Spacemen 3 and Soft Cell

  • softcore jukebox
    Ladytron // Softcore Jukebox

    A compilation of Ladytron's favourite tracks, spanning shoegaze, post-punk and electroclash

  • southpacific - constance
    Southpacific // Constance

    While it has its moments, Constance is unfortunately exactly the sort of record that makes people’s eyes roll when they hear terms like 'prog-', 'post-', or 'space-' carelessly prefixed on to 'rock'.

  • Xinlisupreme-TMC
    Xinlisupreme // Tomorrow Never Comes