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  • ollie wride album cover on fuzzcrush.xyz
    Ollie Wride // Thanks in Advance

    That guy from the 'Running in the Night' song drops a solo album, and it's OK at points

  • danse macabre album cover
    The Faint // Danse Macabre

    Blithely dismissed as amateurish dance-punk by some, The Faint nonetheless carved out a distinctive niche for themselves with a brand of paranoid, dystopian synth pop from their home base of sleepy Omaha, NE.

  • carpenter brut live album cover
    Carpenter Brut // CARPENTERBRUTLIVE

    The album cover, with its neon-silhouetted chapel framed against the backdrop of a hellish night sky, appropriately underscores the demon rave spirit in which this performance was conceived