Hey there, thanks for checking out FUZZCRUSH! My name's Rafi; by day, I'm a digital strategist in Toronto, Canada. By night, I like to discover new music in the noise pop, post-punk, electronic and experimental genres, and write about them here. I've been a fan of these fuzzed-out tremolo-bending genres ever since I discovered My Bloody Valentine, Curve and the Jesus and Mary Chain in high school.

Since then, I've been trying to discover more underground from whichever sources I can. Last.fm, the nomadic Shoegazer Alive blogs, the now-defunct shoegaze.co.uk forums, the Slsk Shoegaze Chatrooms, you name it, and I've probably used it.

I created this site for a few reasons:

  • I'm a big fan of the vivid yet humorous writing style of publications like The Quietus and of musician-cum-critics like Julian Cope (of The Teardrop Explodes), who edits Head Heritage and Mark Prindle, a musician who writes some absolutely off-the-wall, surreal and irreverent reviews of alternative music. I built the site as a tribute to those websites, as well as the mom-and-pop sites of the Web 1.0 era that covered shoegaze and noise bands in the early 2000s; Indieville, Left Off The Dial and Earpollution come to mind.

  • I've always been interested in creating a magazine-style website focused on left-of-the-dial music from a bygone era; Uncut magazine for example does a great job of essentially being frozen in time, featuring stories about the hijinks Bowie, Iggy, Run DMC etc. got up to in the 1980s. This is my attempt at doing something similar for the music I like.

Anyway, thanks very much for reading! I hope you enjoy the site! Click "All Reviews" below to get started!